About Us

Faith Fitness Ministry is a Catholic ministry for Young Adults in their 20's and 30's.  

Mission Statement:  Faith Fitness is a young adults ministry that focuses on the evangelization of our culture with the goal to bring Jesus’ message and teachings to the young adult community. This ministry’s goal is to provide young adults with faith-knowledge so they may be able to know and live their faith with full conviction.

We host monthly talks at a brewery while offering Confessions and music! 

Fr. Ignacio Olvera was inspired to start this spiritual ministry for young adults after having an insightful experience with a young man who had abandoned his Catholic faith due to his lack of knowledge regarding some basic doctrinal concepts.

Meet our Team!

Bishop Edward Burns: Bishop of Dallas and Episcopal Advisor

Fr. Ignacio Olvera: Founder and Executive Director

Faith Fitness Team: Kevin, Janett, Daniel, Christian Monsalve, MD, Aza, Yuliana, Camilo, Wyatt, Carlos Yoshika, Ronan, Daniel, Juan

Faith Fitness Ministry is a 501 c3 nonprofit organization


Board Of Directors

Fr. Ignacio Olvera

Deacon Kevin Bartholomew

Andy Ellard 

Bob Bowen